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Our tree service in Crosby, Texas is an experienced tree removal and tree trimming company.  We offer multiple types of tree cutting services and tree care to accomodate all of our clients' residential and commercial needs.  Understanding that each job is different, we offer free estimates on tree cutting, tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, debris removal, lot clearing, and tree beautification.  For your low cost quote you can afford and top quality work, call Crosby Tree Service.

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Tree Pruning - Pruning a tree is the process of cleaning the inside growth from suckers, small limb growth, dead limbs and branches, and clipping the tips of a tree.  Tree pruning will help the tree grow faster and keep its shape better while growing.

Tree Trimming - Many people trim there trees and limbs for all sorts of reasons.  Tree trimming can help your trees grow faster and assist them in maintaining proper growth.  Trimming consists of clipping tree tips, rounding over your tree, thinning out inside growth, removing dead or broken limbs, and it is also a type of pruning.  Some people need more light for their lawns and gardens; therefore, raising tree tips or removing the inside growth can  bring more sunlight.  Also, keeping your branches and tree limbs from touching your roof will help reduce bugs and ants from entering your home.
Tree Removal - Removing a tree can be hard and dangerous.  If you have never removed a tree before take caution not to hurt yourself or your property.  Trees can trick you and weigh alot more than you expect.  Use a professional tree removal service, if you are able to, so as to not get hurt.  Trees that block sunlight from your lawn may need to be removed.  Some trees that are dead, broken at the base, rotten tree core, in the way of new or up-going construction, or pulling up your foundation may need to be cut down or trimmed back.  Crosby Tree Service can help you with hard to reach trees like trees that are in the back yard or trees in a tight area.  Our professional tree service in Crosby, Texas can remove any tree, from dead trees to dangerous trees.

Debris Removal - If you have limbs, branches, stumps, logs, brush piles, sticks or tree debris, we can help you get rid of them.  Our crews use large trailers and bobcats to help remove debris piles.  From left over storm debris or newly cut trees and brush piles, we can help with removal from your property.

Lot Clearing - We have all of the proper equipment you need for clearing your lot or clearing your land.  Our land and lot clearing services work hard and fast to make sure your land is finished on time and the way you want it.  From equipment like bobcats, trackers, hedgers, stump grinders, dozers, and bull dozers, we can help with all your lot clearing services.

Stump Grinding - We are able to provide stump grinding for small to large stumps.  Tractor grinding large amounts of stumps in a lot or land clearing site can be expensive, so finding the right company is essential.  If you have a small stump in your backyard or tight area, we can be of service.  Call now and save with our low cost stump removal service. 

Dangerous Trees - Dangerous trees consist of:  hollow, dead, broken, rotten or diseased trees.  Large trees over your home, driveway, sidewalk, or street can very dangerous to remove.  Cranes or bobcats may need to be used in order to safely complete the removal process. 

Emergency Tree Service - If you have trees that fall suddenly or in the middle of the night, we can help.  Our urgent tree crews can help you with all of your emergency tree services anytime, day or night, 24/7. 

If you need a tree trimmed, or branch cut that may be dead or dangerously hanging over your property we can help.  Maintaining your trees will help the value of your property rise.  Cleaning out the dead limbs and branches will help keep your trees more heathy and reduce the chances of fungi or diseases attacking your tree.  You may need to bring more light to your lawn by thinning the inside growth out or pruning them properly back for your home, driveway or sidewalk.  Crosby Tree Service has been helping people with their tree needs for over 40 years.  We look forward to helping you with whatever service you may need or questions you may have.

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